Ask the Rabbis: A Discussion Forum


Ask the Rabbis: Session 1

Part I

What are the Jewish expectations for the future? What do Jews believe about the signs of our times and God’s plan for the world? What do Jews await in the coming of the Messiah that differs from the world today?

Ask the Rabbis: Session 1

Part II

Do Jews believe that evil still exists in the Messianic era? If so, how is it different from the world today? If not, who will rid us and the world of evil, we or God? And if evil no longer exists, what becomes of free will?

Ask the Rabbis: Session 2

How do Jews relate to God’s plans for the world generally? The Bible speaks of God regretting certain things. Does He have plans? If He knows in advance what developments will be, why does the Bible speak of Him having regrets?

Ask the Rabbis: Session 3

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