From online Bible studies to live, on-site study discussions,
from Israel studies to Bible-themed tours of the Holy Land, we offer an
in-depth experience of the Bible, Israel, and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Online Studies

Explore new insights into the Hebrew Bible, through live study discussions & recorded content

Live Encounters

Schedule a live Bible discussion or meeting, via Zoom or on-site, for your congregation or special event

Israel Programs

Experience the Holy City and the Holy Land, with an Orthodox rabbi guided by the Hebrew Bible

Why we offer services to Christian believers:

  • To make unique, in person and online Bible studies, from an expert with 38 years’ experience, accessible to everyone
  • For the growing numbers striving to reconnect with Jewish Biblical teachings as essential wellsprings of Christianity
  • For the growing numbers drawn to the Holy Land to witness the prophets’ words coming alive before our very eyes

Our values and goals:

  • Respect the desire of Christian believers to deepen their relationships, as Christians, with God
  • Facilitate understanding the Bible from its original, Hebraic perspective, straight out of Zion
  • Engage everyone in a deepening understanding of the Hebrew Bible as it informs and inspires us

For more information and to book unique, customized Bible programs, tours, and studies, either in the Holy City, Jerusalem, or online, via live video conference, or live, in your own community (on Rabbi Eisen’s next lecture tour abroad), please click here to email us or call us: