Rabbi Chaim Eisen was very knowledgeable about what he was teaching, and he would often tease us with something to think about, prior to diving into the topic. He kept it fast and moving, made you think about the topic versus just teaching. Everyone on the tour felt they had a new friend in Jerusalem. He was the best teacher I have ever been with in the Holy Land. I learned more about the Bible and Jerusalem than I have in the last 10 trips. I don’t think it could have been better!
Ann Stacy

North Texas Chapter Chairperson, Americans for a Safe Israel

Rabbi Eisen has a way of bringing the Hebrew Bible together into an integrated framework that reveals the majesty of God. There is not a topic I can think of that he isn’t willing to tackle in his teachings.

Bob O'Dell, Co-Founder Root Source

Rabbi Chaim Eisen’s tour of Jerusalem is an amazing transformative experience. Everyone will be inspired by fresh insights from the Bible, history, prophecy, archaeology, and the vibrancy of Jewish community life in the Holy City. As an accomplished Orthodox rabbi and Bible scholar, Rabbi Chaim takes you into the heart of spiritual connections that are so vital for building meaningful relationships between the Jewish and Christian communities of faith. Zion Bible Studies puts you on a spiritual journey of discovery through Bible training, Jewish culture, and faith experience. Rabbi Eisen breathes fresh life into learning what is really essential. He builds bridges of understanding and connects people from different backgrounds together for spiritual enrichment and intellectual enlightenment. Likewise, his Shabbat table is a rich experience of authentic Jewish tradition. He encourages discussion and interaction. From the mystical to the practical, Shabbat with Rabbi Eisen is vibrantly alive with application for living a better life of faith.

Prof. Brad H. Young, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Judaic Christian Studies Biblical Literature, Graduate School of Theology, Oral Roberts University

The Holy City Tour with Rabbi Chaim Eisen is an unforgettable experience of Jerusalem, firmly scripturally based, from the days of David to our own time. His profound knowledge of the Hebrew Bible enables Rabbi Eisen to explain Scripture in such a way that it enriches and renews your faith. Jews and Christians can only profit. We stand on the same firm base of the Bible as the word of God.

Rev. Kees de Vreugd

Theological Coordinator, Christians for Israel International

Rabbi Chaim Eisen is a true gentleman who loves to engage his audiences in conversational learning. Rabbi Eisen is a tremendous Bible scholar who capably imparts wisdom to his students, helping them grasp beautiful truths from God’s word. As a pastor who visits Israel frequently, I have enjoyed the Holy City Tour myself, learning new insights into God’s gracious covenant with His people and His land. I encourage Christian pilgrims and Christian tour groups who visit Jerusalem to take advantage of this tremendous learning opportunity to see the Bible stories presented in living color. I also encourage church leaders to bless their congregations by inviting Rabbi Eisen to teach Torah lessons in person. Whether in Israel or in the United States, Christian audiences will be blessed by learning from one of my teachers, Rabbi Chaim Eisen.
Rev. Trey Graham

Author, Radio Host, Senior Pastor, First Melissa Church, Melissa, Texas

This year we expanded our normal ministry tour to Israel to include a Western Wall Shabbat tour given by our friend, Chaim Eisen. We were so enriched by the interesting history and culture that Chaim shared with us as he spoke with great passion about the city he loves and the Holy One Whom he truly adores. The Holy City Tour was very informative and unique. The prayers of joy, dances, and songs of adoration and ancient tradition were a “new thing” for us to witness. I wish more Christians could see this beauty. Our night closed with a lovely Shabbat dinner with Chaim and his wife Raye at our hotel. His table fellowship with us meant a lot! We enjoyed watching the Orthodox traditions unfold. It was such a memorable evening! We were truly amazed to be a part of prophecy that night: Jew and Gentile sitting side by side, no longer strangers. We encourage other Christians to join Chaim as he shares his heart and home.
Dr. Victoria Sarvadi, Th.D.

Author, Teacher, Co-Founder of the Nathaniel Foundation

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