The Land God Calls His Own

In this article, we will explore God’s love for The Land of Israel and its connection to the Bible.

The Torah: The Five Books of Moses

The Five Books of Moses are God’s eternal word, transmitted directly by Him at Sinai. Despite the common mistranslation of “Torah,” the Hebrew name means not “law” but “teaching.”

The Torah’s teachings are as timely as they are timeless. We delve into the Torah according to a tradition of study spanning over three millennia, in light of all the nuances of the original Hebrew text, to extract the lessons it contains that are no less relevant today than they were to the Israelites at Sinai.

Roadmap of the Prophets: Visions of Isaiah

Solely by answering the question “What is God’s word saying?” can we approach the question “What is God’s word saying to us?”

The words of the prophets can truly inspire us once we first allow them to inform us. Only by listening attentively to them can we glean their salient messages and abiding, universal impact. We immerse ourselves in their words, in light of all the nuances of the original Hebrew text, to understand what they said then — and what that means now to us.

Biblical Holy Days and Their Messages

Holy days punctuate the cycle of the Biblical calendar almost monthly. Observing them obligates Israel, but their messages impact everyone who takes the Bible seriously as God’s will revealed in His word. By focusing on the themes that are unique to each of these days, our growing through God’s word comes to include our growing according to the rhythm God mapped out in the Bible. We probe what each of these themes invokes — and what responses they should evoke from us.

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